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Lunchtime is an important part of the school day and a time when children learn and are encouraged to use good table manners.

Our pupils are able to sit not only amongst their peers but also their teachers and the support staff who work within our school. It is a time that we are able to come together and share what has been happening during their day.

Our food is freshly prepared on a daily basis by our school catering team. The new kitchen has been purpose built on site. Menus are prepared and adjusted in accordance with students and parents' needs. We ensure food is healthy, balanced and appropriate for different aged pupils and their developmental needs.

All students are made aware of the importance of hygiene, particularly at mealtimes and they are encouraged to wash their hands upon entering the dining hall. We require that students try their best to avoid food waste and encourage recycling.



Students are the face of BIBS and represent the school at all times. Therefore, they are expected to wear the uniform in a neat and tidy manner every day, except for special occasions that will be notified in advance.

There are two sets of uniforms: Formal and PE sets in summer and winter versions. PE uniform should not be worn with the Formal uniform. Please note that hats or non-uniform hoodies are not to be worn inside the school premises.


In addition to being required to wear uniforms, all students are to be groomed and dressed appropriately for school and school activities.  A student’s dress and/or appearance shall:

1.  Support, not disrupt, the learning environment. 

2.  Constitute no threat to health or safety

3.  Be tasteful and unable to be construed as provocative or obscene

4.  Reflect practices of good hygiene and cleanliness

Monday and Friday Requirements

1. BIBS Dress Shirt

2. BIBS black pants

3. BIBS formal jacket

4. BIBS Skirt/Dress

5. Black Shoes

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday / PE Dress Days:

1. BIBS Green Shirt

2. BIBS Gray Hoodie

3. BIBS PE black pants

4. Athletic Shoes


Students should wear sensible school shoes or training shoes. Shoes should be a black or navy blue color and have a closed toe. Trainer/sport shoes or boots (not calf length) are acceptable footwear. Sandals or slip-on shoes are not permitted except during the Swimming unit or in the event of a medical injury.


PE uniforms are the official BIBS uniform and come in summer and winter versions. In the interest of safety, no jewelry should be worn during PE classes.


Earrings and studs are permitted only in ears. A maximum of one earring should be worn in each ear. Hoop earrings must be removed for PE lessons. All earrings must be discrete in color and size.

Rings are not permitted on other body parts e.g., nose, eyebrow, etc.  A maximum of one discrete ring should be worn.

Nose/Other Studs: only one simple and very small stud is allowed if for religious or cultural reasons. A letter from parents is required. Large or decorative studs are not acceptable anywhere.

Hair: Long hair is permitted but must be kept tidy and tied back, especially for Science/PE and to limit the spread of head lice. Hair must be kept out of the students’ eyes at all times. Eccentric color, hairstyles or dreadlocks are not permitted.

Jewelry: Only discrete jewelry may be worn. Large, bulky or colorful necklaces or chains may not be worn.

Makeup and nails:  Makeup, nail polish other than a neutral color, or any addition to natural nails is not allowed.

Homeroom teachers will be responsible for checking that uniforms and accessories are adequate in homeroom teacher time at the beginning of the day. Students who continually come to school out of school dress code will have their parents notified and be sent home to change.