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Welcome Note from Founder
Welcome Note from Founder
Welcome Note from Founder

Dear Friends,

Welcome to BIBS (Beanstalk International Bilingual School).

BIBS’ history can be traced back to 1998. Over the following 21 years, the initial seedling grew, and blossomed, spreading from one campus to an education group of more than 20 campuses in China, covering both kindergarten and a GK-12 international school, with complete IB and WASC accreditations.

The Beanstalk Education Group faculty consists of over 1,000 dynamic, devoted, highly qualified, and educated teachers and experts. As of today, we have a team of more than 300 foreign teachers holding the Foreign Expert Work Permit issued by the Chinese government. These distinguished Chinese and foreign education experts are in charge of the BIBS Curriculum Development and Education Assessment Center. Our strong faculty and education quality are powered by this outstanding team and a professional training mechanism.

Being the first Chinese international bilingual education brand, we were the first to establish a unique teaching mechanism, which is to build the best and most international bilingual school in China by integrating Chinese and Western educational philosophies, cultural elements, and best practices. True international education is to pick the essence of Chinese and Western cultures and fuse these elements. As such, we believe in keeping the traditional cultural roots of China in our students' hearts.

BIBS strives to create a learning environment of Love, Care and Support, and provides our students with international bilingual education built on deep Chinese cultural roots and global vision. Our mission is to help our students become confident, inquiring, and tolerant individuals equipped with the knowledge and integrity to be successful in their own right, as well as positive contributors to their local and global communities as 21st-century thinkers and global-minded citizens.

The 21st century is the century of globalization. As China continues to develop, the future of BIBS belongs to the world. BIBS will bravely carry on the responsibility to be the best international school in China and to offer the best high-quality international education for students from China and overseas. It’s the education dream of every BIBSer and the future that we will all pursue.

Kathy Shi

Founder and President

Beanstalk Education Group