At the end of the 2020, we have completed the election of the 5th BIBS PTA. What makes a good PTA team? Neither parents background nor social class, particularly contribution? That' s just not enough; But what all we need is time flexibility, persistent enthusiastic, caring, contribution and sense of dedication.

In fact, all of parents are PTA members that make contributions to students, our school and community in terms of support. There are 10 members composed of PTA. The decision is always made upon their discussion and votes.

In order to achieve communication efficiency, the 5th PTA set the standard of communication procedure. It forms of the standard procedure: individual issue – discuss with in class – report to Chairman only the issues of the grades cannot be solved – the temporary & essential solution to problems provide – conclusion and feedback of the issues – summarize and report to school management team at monthly PTA meeting. The precise procedure aims to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of communication.



1. Two-way communication between families and school: The procedure aims to categorize the issues and solve problems step by step. Either problems from families or problems of schoolteachers will be informed and discussed.

2. Academic development: These issues pre-classified into categories of student assessment, teaching quality, curriculum structure. And all problems are going to be dealt with accordingly.

3. Safety and health of students: PTA understand that school take the priority of students' safety and health issue. If any of these happens, PTA team will report the issue to school management team according to the settled process of the communication procedure.

4. Culture construction: In school activities, PTA team will assist schoolteachers on providing good quality activities. PTA team dedicates to various activities with the support of every PTA members, all the parents, and permission of school. PTA team of extracurricular activities will encourage talented young parents to pool their wisdom and make concerted efforts to recommend high-quality ASA resources to the school.



2020 Dec: Café plan confirm, preparation for café opening.

2021 Jan: Café trial run. Prepare for Spring Festival.

2021 Feb: Spring Festival activity.

2021 Mar: Café opening due.

2021 Apr: PTA internal appraisal

2021 May: Family carnival activity

2021 Jun: Annual finance condition announcement (funding and costs)

2021 Jul: Summer holiday

2021 Aug: Prepare for new semester and warm welcome.

2021 Sep: Teachers’ day activity and appreciation dinner

2021 Oct: PTA internal appraisal, recruit and select new PTA member for next academic year.

2021 Nov: Thanksgiving activity.

2021 Dec: Annual PTA report (financial status, funding program), PTA executives resign and duty hand over to new members, awards to the contribution of PTA.

Member of the 5th PTA




As a non-profit organization, PTA team's funds will be returned to students, schools and communities. PTA source of funds, most need to raise their own. Coffee bar is one of the operators. The coffee bar will provide coffee, tea, juice and other drinks and food, providing a small warm life supply station for all teachers and students. The funds obtained from the operation of the coffee bar will be returned to students, schools and communities. PTA team gradually improve the management system and get on the right track, PTA team will also support students to do charity. As a long-term participant of PTA, each parent constantly explores his own energy, actively participates in school activities and students' growth guidance, actively supports the school, gives back to the society, and shows the spirit of service for their children and makes good feedback demonstration.

PTA is an important organization usually represents the connection between families and school. It originated from the US.

At the end of academic year, PTA nomination will be open to all parents, anyone who feels interested in can recommend himself/herself either submitting a campaign letter or making a campaign speech. Nomination for someone else is acceptable. You are more than welcome to join us.