Student's life


Student's Council

BIBS Kunming Campus would like to welcome the Student Council of 2019/2020. These outstanding students have been selected by their peers to represent and act on the behalf of their homeroom classes. The Student's Council members will commence and arrange social activities hosted by the school, convey student roles and responsibilities as well as develop leadership skills.

Current projects include the IT policy and a healthy diet provided by the school. We are impressed with the appropriate choices of these students and look forward to their future successes.



As a young school we will be excited to follow our graduating students and create an alumni so that we can follow ex-student’s success.


Students' Accomplishments

BIBS Kunming is already gaining academic success with one of our students winning the National English Speech competition in 2018 and Merit Student in 2019.

Huangwen-Xinya (Maggie) has been a very accomplished student at the BIBS Kunming Campus. She is a very talented pianist and diligent learner. Her most notable accomplishment to date is when she won first prize at the Yunnan Regional Finals of the 2017 “21st Century New Oriental National English-Speaking Competition”. She then continued on to win first prize at the National Semi-finals. Her hard work allowed her to earn a bronze medal at the National Finals.

Wang Xiran (Olivia) was awarded Merit Student by Kunming Chenggong Educational Bureau in October 2019.

Olivia is an intelligent young lady and an important asset to our school. It is Olivia's unique thinking that makes her stand out from the rest - she always walks the extra mile when it comes to any activity she is involved in. From doing interesting science experiments at home as part of preparation for the STEAM fair, to starting environmentally friendly projects at school. She is always ready to share ideas and plan event to help those in need in her community. She is truly an inspiration to everyone who meet her.