BIBS' unique international bilingual curriculum is jointly developed by a group of outstanding Chinese and international education professionals. After more than 20 years of exploration, we ensure an organic fusion of the IB framework and the core courses from the Chinese National Education Program. We pick the essence of Chinese and Western cultures and fuse these elements together, and offer a true international bilingual curriculum that best suits the Chinese students' development needs.

Core sections from the Chinese National Education Program: Chinese heart, Chinese cultural roots.

IB Curriculum: World's highest level international curriculum.

One school multiple featured courses: A-level, AP, special Arts high School and other special courses Give children more possibilities.

(Schedule subject to each campus)

11和12年级 – IB大学预科课程

At BIBS Shunyi Campus, we offer the world-renowned and highly recognised IBDP programme. Our students develop the higher-order thinking and inquiry skills that characterize the Diploma program. Our students are supported in their journey of academic discovery, our students achieve excellent test scores and our scholarship program is attractive.

At BIBS, the CAS program provides an excellent opportunity to take responsibility for initiative, serve others, learn about leadership and teamwork. Extracurricular activities provide many opportunities for our students to develop skills or challenge themselves.

The higher education program provides students with further education guidance and assistance in gaining some work experience. Every year, Young Miao graduates receive offers of admission from highly competitive majors in comprehensive universities and art colleges around the world. Many young graduates choose to go abroad, and the main study destinations are the United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition to the IBDP diploma, the WASC diploma provides students with more options and opens the door to all universities in the United States.