BIBS' unique international bilingual curriculum is jointly developed by a group of outstanding Chinese and international education professionals. After more than 20 years of exploration, we ensure an organic fusion of the IB framework and the core courses from the Chinese National Education Program. We pick the essence of Chinese and Western cultures and fuse these elements together, and offer a true international bilingual curriculum that best suits the Chinese students' development needs.

Core sections from the Chinese National Education Program: Chinese heart, Chinese cultural roots.

IB Curriculum: World's highest level international curriculum.

One school multiple featured courses: A-level, AP, special Arts high School and other special courses Give children more possibilities.

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小学 – IB PYP小学项目

BIBS Lower Primary is a creative learning environment centered around a library and arts facility, dedicated to providing high-quality instruction for students from Pre-K to Year 2. Not only can our students progress in their studies, they can also participate in a wide range of activities. This includes activities such as choirs, craft societies, dance, drama, Spanish, music, sports, swimming and sports. As an IB school offering a PYP curriculum, we believe in child-centred education. We put the well-being and development of our students at the forefront of our decisions. Students are enriched with learning activities every day, and they can learn in a teamwork, curious and joyful atmosphere.

The lower grades of primary school are naturally connected to the upper grades of primary school, and students will enter the next stage of learning with enthusiasm. Our goal is to develop students' intellectual curiosity and inquiry skills so that they can adapt to academic challenges. All of our students attend classes in bright and spacious classrooms, which are well-equipped and have a perfect internet connection. Multimedia is widely used in primary schools. The learning atmosphere at Primary is an exciting, innovative, challenging and supportive environment. We encourage students to become confident, independent learners, in line with the IB learning philosophy. From the Scholarship Challenge program to EAL, CSL and SEN support for those in need, students enjoy a caring atmosphere where joy and academic rigor are integral elements of their learning experience. Our language support teachers provide group tutoring and support as needed for the learning task.

Excursions and a variety of extra-curricular activities are a strong support for the curriculum, giving students the opportunity to develop their interests. To discover their creative talents in music and drama and gain confidence in their performances. Sport fosters teamwork and plays a vital role in the primary school curriculum.