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Welcome Note from the Principal
Welcome Note from the Principal
Welcome Note from the Principal

Welcome Note from the Principal

We work together to support all students to become confident, successful learners, creative individuals and active and informed citizens. Confident, Successful Learners who are:

Enthusiastic and motivated.

Determined and strive for high achievement.

Open to new ways of thinking.

BIBS Kunming aim to develop the “whole child” and to empower students to reach their true potential so that they can be active contributors to our society, both in their local community and beyond. BIBS Kunming is being built on a strong and proud culture of excellence in all aspects of a student’s education. We strive to be a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in all learning areas.

Reflecting on the nature of life in the 21st century BIBS Kunming understand the general competencies that a school should develop in students throughout the curriculum. In addition to core learning areas and the strong emphasis on bilingual education we also understand the importance of Thinking Skills, Creativity, Self-Management, Teamwork, Intercultural Understanding, Optimism and Resilience. It is the belief of the BIBS Kunming that by approaching learning and teaching from a positive psychology perspective we give our students the knowledge and skills required for the 21st century.

Beanstalk International Kindergartens (BIK) Kunming and BIBS Kunming grade 1-12 campus are an integrated, holistic K-12 learning community. Three school sites, one learning environment. As a collaborative partnership we have developed a shared identity assisted by geographical proximity and a strong sense of being an inclusive community. As a cluster we have a common purpose, a joint vision for the improvement, attainment, achievement and progression of young people.

BIBS Kunming provides an engaging and balanced international curriculum in a supportive and stimulating environment, which encourages our students to develop as thinkers and individuals. Understanding and appreciating that children learn in different ways and excel in different areas; our programmes encourage students to draw upon their strengths and to explore new ideas of interest to them as critical thinkers with enquiring minds. Our teachers seek to inspire students to reach their full potential and achieve their personal best. High expectations and targets for improvement are based upon each student's individual learning styles. We want our students to be confident, enquiring and tolerant individuals equipped with the knowledge and integrity to be successful in their own right, as well as positive contributors to their local and global communities as 21st century thinkers and global-minded citizens.

We support this by fostering their talents and aspirations through the provision of a range of educational opportunities in intellectual, recreational and moral endeavors both inside and outside the classroom.

Values such as compassion, respect and friendliness are an integral part of the school’s ethos. Clear boundaries and simple rules help make BIBS a happy and safe place to learn. We expect our students to work hard, but also to enjoy themselves on their learning journey.

I am sure you will find our school the ideal place to give the very best preparation for life in a rapidly changing, increasingly competitive multi-cultural world.

Ken Armstrong

Principal, Kunming Campus